Expansion Plans for 2022-2023

We have recently signed a contract with Washtenaw County to provide internet access to your area. We expect to be in touch with you soon. These flags are to help the network design and survey process that is required for permits. We encourage you to fill out the sign up form, but the pricing is set with our contract to be lower than the advertised rates on the website. We will be offering speeds of 100Mb/s symmetric and 1Gb/s symmetric. The project has a list of named addresses, and while you may see a flag, this does not mean your address is on the list. We will have an online tool soon that allows you to check, but if there is a pink flag at/near your property we will be offering service.

Package SpeedPriceCounty Project Installation Fee *

Speed Tests: 1Gb/s service will speed test around 920Mb/s due to ethernet overhead, and must be tested on a wired ethernet connection

Service information: No data caps, No overage fees, No contracts required. Cancel service after the first month if you are displeased! Upload and download speeds are symmetrical and measured in megabits per second.

Click to view -> Our Service Area - It is always expanding, so please do reach out if you are near our existing area

Contact us via phone at 734-757-3554 or e-mail sales /at/ washftth.com

Existing Customers - Please mail your payments to:

Washtenaw Fiber Properties LLC

8285 Reese Lane

Ann Arbor MI 48103

* for homes that are more than 250 feet from the road additional installation charges may apply, we will provide a written quote of those costs upon request

* we do offer discounts for installation if the customer runs cat5e cable from their router location to the outside of the home where the fiber service will be attached